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Communication asia email list to put in place for the holida

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Communication asia email list to put in place for the holida
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Yes, there it is! The end-of-year celebrations are fast approaching and with them the magic of gifts, chocolates, decorated trees, light garlands and small new year's bubbles. If this period rhymes with pleasure for many people, it is especially synonymous with opportunities for companies , which must set up a marketing strategy specially asia email list for the holidays. To help you create festive and impactful communication , here are some tips. Dress up your site and your social networks with the colors of christmas the holiday season must be visually involved in your communication : use the colors of christmas, think of snow, gifts, champagne… in short, rely on the imagination that surrounds this magical moment. In the case of a digital communication strategy , consider dressing up your website and your social networks by decorating them on the theme of christmas or new year.

You can change the photos of your header, adapt your logo, change your photo profile or your cover photo on facebook… above all, have fun and it will show in your communication! On instagram, you can create a special feed during the holidays. Canva is a great tool for creating original templates if you don't have a lot of means. The site even offers asia email list ready-to-use ones, which you can modify to match your company's image. You can also let your imagination run wild and start from scratch! Create useful and festive content at christmas, the magic does its work and the imagination overflows. Be creative and most importantly, inject some holiday wonder into your content! This is an opportunity for you to discuss, to share with your customers, to create a link...

And therefore to build loyalty . Write advice blog posts you can, for example, write advice blog articles where you deliver all your ideas to your customers to have a wonderful time. Do you sell clothes? Offer different outfits ideal for shining a thousand lights. Are you in the horeca? Create ideas for gourmet menus to enjoy with the family. There are asia email list topics depending on your industry . You can also make gift suggestions, talk about the latest decoration trends, give diy ideas… more serious subjects also work very well. For example, if you are a tax accountant, you can write about year-end requirements for businesses or even individuals. Develop playful visuals do you have an in-house graphic designer or work with an agency? Now is the time to use their imaginations. The end-of-year celebrations are an opportunity to create visuals galore .

Photos, illustrations or even videos… the possibilities are numerous and each of them must of course convey the emotions associated with christmas. For example, you can create a video tutorial or an infographic . These are two very useful ways to create engagement with your brand and generate shares. Send newsletter(s) if you have a database of customers and prospects , newsletters are still one of the best ways to reach them . And asia email list the holidays, you can send them many different types of messages. They can inform : if you take a period of leave between christmas and new year, you can inform your customers of your absence, for example. In the same vein, they allow you to communicate about your promotions : people now want to get discounts when they shop, so don't hesitate to launch a special holiday promotion or two. They are also ideal for highlighting your flagship products : many of us do not know what to offer for the end of the year celebrations.

It is therefore the right time to send newsletters with gift ideas. Finally, it is also an excellent way to wish your best wishes and thank your customers for the trust they have placed in you throughout the past year. Post naturally on your social networks at christmas, content ideas for your social networks come naturally. Between the decorations (so show off your beautiful tree), christmas sweater day, the end-of-year meal, the exchange of gifts… asia email list the holiday atmosphere within your company is very easy. And this allows you to humanize your brand , to create commitment, to build loyalty. It is also an opportunity to promote your company from a corporate point of view, by showing potential candidates that coming to work with you means enjoying a good atmosphere. You will see, this period and this type of publications will bring you a nice interaction from your community.

Also engage your followers by asking them questions or creating polls related to the holidays (for example, "Christmas is coming, are you more like: excited as a flea or jaded, can't wait for it to stop"). You can also ask them to tell you a christmas story that marked them or a funny anecdote that they would like to share. Don't forget facebook ads! Beyond asia email list publications, there is another solution: facebook ads , that is to say, advertisements on facebook, instagram and even messenger. They allow you to precisely target your audience thanks to the creation of audiences : you can specify whether your advertising is aimed at men, women or both, of a particular age group, who speak a particular language and who live in such a place, who have such and such centers of interest, etc.

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